Monday, May 2, 2011

Ode to the pop dot...

A very Un Merry Pop Dot DaY TO yOU

I love pot dots. I mean really LOVE them. I would glue just about anything down with these fabulous bits of sticky fun. There is not much they can't do...give the colored item a bit of dimension, pop-it! Want the flower to shine above the rest, POP-it, bits and pieces more important than others you know it POP IT POP IT!!!!

I admit it is a bit of an addiction. No twelve step program available. I have to admit if the choice is glue, double sided tape or pop dots, you can bet I will read for those dots...
On this image from Penny Black stamps she has 4 layers on her skirt and multiple balloons are-you got it Pop dotted...
PoP DoTs galore!

Another pop dot adventure-Alice in Wonder from Pink Cat Studio. A digi stamp-if you haven't ventured into the world of digital stamps, do so. Digi's are a great way to try out a new image without the huge cost outlay and if you have a great computer guy like my hubby then you can do all sorts of arranging. :) 

The cups-certain ones-are pop dotted!!!

No Pop dots used-but fun just the same

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