Thursday, March 3, 2011

Missed it by...oh and on a side note it sucks getting old

Sweet Baby Bloom
Well bummer I missed the last challenge I wanted to be a part of. Flowers being the theme and I loved my card...I made use of the baby fairy from Mo Manning but this time I went with pinks, browns and a bit of a pop of color from the butterfly's. The rose flower embellishments give the card a three D feel that I think catches the eye...and of course with the theme in mind...I made use of my spellbinders for the "flowers" that my sweet baby sits on and more flower soft at the bottom.
I think I love her neon pink hair the best!
So why did I miss the deadline. Well that is where the, "it sucks getting old" comes in. As I am typing I am sitting here in my new contacts rocking a pair of reading glasses! READING GLASSES!!!!! Oh man. Birthday is at the end of the month and boy oh boy am I feeling it.  So new contacts, which had to be dailies since my eyes are so allergy sensitive that I have to toss them out every darn day. This is a test mind you-since I haven't been wearing contacts for almost the last year they bugged my eyes so much. Then of course I had to get new glasses since my old ones are about 10+ years old and had hoped to have those prior to the trip but that seems to unlikely...and I was a bit concerned I would end up rockin' Palin specks and that is a big no go. SO to SUM up, reading glasses, daily contacts, allergy drops, possible Palin glasses and I missed the challenge deadline, BUT <sigh> Friday is about here and next week is a short week-vacation headed my way.


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  2. Previously I said something cute about your card, but I made a mistake so I tried to delete it....while I am having to make up for my typo my old eyes are killing me! Maybe I need to pop over into the other room and get one of my many pairs of Palin Frames. hey. They look good on me because it goes with my Palin Hair. Now, all I need is a Palin SUIT to go with. I'm sorry, honey. I like your card's pink hair the best, too. I can't see the card well, but I can see her color!