Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Still tweaking the blog. Research, a trip to the book store for a "dummies" book that did not help. Hmmm wonder what that says about me... Endless emails and calls to CMP for computer tips. Poor kid finally got a blog of his own so that he could test things out and thereby coach his mom. Boy do I feel a bit old while working my way through this process.   This old dog is going to make it happen! So hopefully as you follow along (and eventually there will be more than two people) my progression and increased skills will shine through. Power of positive thinking...

One thing I have done is take a look at other blogs. Awesome! So many terrific things to see that I end up feeling like a kid in a candy store.  Eventually I will link to those so that you can check them out as well.

Those that know me, know that I am a list maker...nothing beats a "huney do" list. So I have been making lists of my favorite blogs and craft shopping websites. The list has little bullets of what I have found on that particular site, price points, shipping experience and little comments. I hope that this list can be added here for me to share-I think it is useful to learn from what someone else has experienced and then of course go make up your own mind.

I know I have mentioned, several times, that I drag my markers downstairs and sit in front of the TV and color...even though I have a GREAT BIG craft room upstairs...well more TV motivated coloring has taken place the last few days (NEW STAMPS IN THE MAIL!!!!!) so I thought I would share some pics...

My TV coloring space...what you don't see is the cat in his spot
right next to me...
Bird (or cat's) eye view of my craft room...notice the cat...that's Fred...
usually he is in the middle of the desk on top of the project I am working hair in your hand made card anyone!!!! 


  1. Good to see you are doing this. I like it. You know... you can integrate your iphone and facebook account - that way you can post from your phone and have those posts on your FB page right away!!! You should ask CMP about this one!

  2. Ok, talk about old...please use a new font. I can't read any of the words. :(