Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crafting through the Snow

WOW is it cold in Denton TX. A full week of ice and snow-kids out of school since Tuesday and my romantic weekend (with a stop at local craft stores along the way) postponed. What to do??? Out come the Copic markers and lots of DVD's for hanging out time. Now I have piles and piles of colored designs ready to be added to a daughter is a bit concerned at the AMOUNT of colored stamps that are ready to go. What can I say, just like in kindergarten coloring is the best part of the day and when snowbound in the house keeps the mom from running around with her hands in the air screaming, "let me out"! Picture of the lovely snow white landscape-and my array of stamps...


  1. Well, I'm impressed! What a great start. I just happened to pop over from FB and saw a bloggedy address! and ....(drum roll please).... here... you .... are!!!!


  2. Thanks!!!! Now I just have to remember to get on here and post!